Growth investments

We provide investments for companies at different stages of their business's life cycle, ranging from Pre-Seed to Series C financing. We are flexible in our approach, willing to take a leading or supporting role based on factors such as the company's stage, round size, and syndicate dynamics.

We actively seek out partners that possess the following attributes:

  • Strong teams with passion and a clear desire to grow
  • Disruptive and high brand integrity
  • A clear purpose and value at their core
  • Possesses a clear vision for success and needs a helping hand

Partner with the Farmer Companies

If you believe your company aligns with our investment criteria, we encourage you to submit your pitch deck below. We will carefully evaluate whether The Farmer Companies may be a suitable partner for your company.

The Farmer Companies is a private equity firm focused on seeding, investing in, acquiring and operating companies with intrinsic brand value and a common social mission.

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